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Groton Town, CT

A home of advanced modern submarine technology, Groton used to be a simple seaside fishing and ship-building community.

Despite the transition from a traditional economy to one based on high technology, Groton has managed to retain its New England coastal charm. The community works hard to preserve its stunning shoreline and gorgeous, historic homes and buildings. Groton was the manufacturing site for the famous nuclear submarine, the U.S.S. Nautilus. The Nautilus is now a popular tourist attraction, a museum and memorial.

The tourist destination of Mystic is officially a village of its own, occupying land in Groton and neighboring Stonington. The part of Mystic in Groton features traditional maritime village structures, a monument to the town's early sea captains and fishermen. The local housing variety includes contemporary homes, condos, and apartments.

Groton is home to endless picturesque views and refreshing water sports for all ages with the Thames River, Long Island Sound and the Mystic River forming its boundaries. Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Preserve provide locals and visitors with swimming, hiking and picnicking. Beebe Pond, Haley Farm State Park and Pequot Woods add to the recreational opportunities.

The U.S. Naval Submarine Base, submarine manufacturer Electric Boat and a major pharmaceutical firm are the community's largest employers. Local tourist attractions and nearby casinos/resorts add to Groton's economic stability.

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